Certification Achievements

Connection drives Katie Felten. Whether that connection is interpersonal or in a viral setting, Katie has built a career by helping others connect to further their personal and professional goals. This extraordinary gift of bringing disparate groups of individuals together defines how Katie lives her own life and inspired the creation of MKELive, an event and consulting firm that provides training, networking and event services to organizations and individuals throughout Wisconsin and the Midwest.

Always the maven for new technology and the emerging trends, Katie logged into LinkedIn for the first time back in 2006. It took no time at all for her to realize how the combination of the ease of use and the potential to virtually network, can vastly expand the career opportunities of people in all working fields.

Katie utilized her natural ability to communicate with others through these new social networking platforms to develop MKELive. Through this organization, she is able to host training sessions and events alike, which have propelled the public’s recognition of Katie as a social media expert and the go-to person for utilizing the newest forms of communication to promote business and individuals’ careers.

Frequently, Katie is asked to publicly speak to professional organizations and corporations about the power of LinkedIn and social media networking. Since April 2009, more than 5,000 people have heard Katie speak on LinkedIn training and networking.

Beyond the keynote speaking and the training programs, Katie is utilized by the local media as the leading authority in this evolving realm by the Milwaukee Journal Sentinel, New North B2B and multiple LinkedIn blogs. Katie has also authored a chapter within the new Linked Working book.

When she’s not training, speaking or developing MKELive, Katie works as a freelance social media strategist and an engagement specialist for several local organizations.

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